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GUARDA HORIZONTAL - Blanco y negro - Pos

About Us

Latin Asia was conceived with the objective of becoming Cultural Ambassadors of our Colombian, and overall Latin American Culture in Asia.  The arts and crafts of Latin America are an authentic representation of the cultures dating back to the indigenous communities of the Pre-Hispanic colonial period.

We work directly with the communities, which allows us to bring them closer to the consumers overseas.  Managing the whole supply chain enables us to optimize our costs and offer our Colombian creations worldwide competitively.  Currently, we focus on Colombian Wayuu bags and other crafts and plan to grow our product line to represent additional indigenous communities from Colombia and all Latin America.

Latin Asia is incorporated in Malaysia as Rausch Latin Asia SDN. BHD. by Colombian Paisa expatriates.  We consolidate and export Wayuu Bags, and other crafts in Barranquilla, and serve the Eastern Hemisphere from Kuala Lumpur.  For wholesale clients and for orders from the Americas, we ship directly from Colombia. 

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GUARDA HORIZONTAL - Blanco y negro - Pos

Meet The Team


Hans Joseph Rausch

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Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia.  A Paisa by heart with a German descent.  Studied high school in a military school in Georgia, and Business in Kansas, US. 

Since the first day of his career, he focused on performing and leading the supply chain management with passion.  For 30 years he has been part of multinational companies, running some of their supply chain management across the world. 

"Now through Latin Asia, we want to ambassador our culture and bring Latin American craftsmen closer to the international consumers"

"I want you to experience the beauty of my nation, to feel the warmth of our people, and to enjoy the greatness of our

Latin American Culture"


Ana Cristina Rincon

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Started to exhibit skills in communications in her early days at Colegio San Juan Bosco in Medellin.  Before her first year of Social Communications studies, she started her career in radio, quickly moving to Anchor the local news in Medellin.

Her career evolved as she moved to Bogota and led the news desk for a mayor television network.  Then she went on to work for the Presidency of Colombia, leading the coordination of the major Presidential events.

"With Latin Asia we want to showcase our culture to the international consumer.  In this manner, we can compensate the native communities, and showcase our country"


"I am proud to represent my country and to share a piece of our culture through the works of our people.  I am proud to be Colombian and want to promote Latin America worldwide" 


Monica Maria Montoya

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Born and raised in Medellin, studied Business Administration at Universidad de Medellin.  From her university days she developed great interest in the Financial Sector.

She started her career straight into the Commercial Department in the Financial sector in Medellin.  She soon exhibited leadership and service delivery skills which which earned her a transfer to Barranquilla to lead the expansion into the Coastal territory.  


Her greatest greatest experience has been developing the commercial relationships, monitoring and solving customer needs, and leading the logistics of the service execution.

"... today I embark in this new challenge, I love to be part of the logistics and quality control because behind every craft, there is a life story of entrepreneurship and struggle of our Artisans and their families..."

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