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Colombian Wayuu Bags & Other Crafts


  • Colombian Wayuu Bags over 100 designs

  • Wayuu Hats with Cintillo

  • Wayuu Chinchorro Hammocks

  • Wayuu Sandals

  • Mantas Guajiras (Local Dress)

Are you ready to visit our showroom and


The Wayuu people are  known as:

"the people of the sun, sand and wind”

“The Wayunaiki is the Wayuu language full of words and expressions of love: 


"I love you very much"

Anas mai

"the most beautiful is you"


  • Exclusive Arhuaco Mochilas "tutu iku in Ika"

  • Directly from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

  • Sizes: Large, Medium and Small

The Arhuaco believe in one creator called "father" named Kakü Serankua, who engendered the initial Gods, all materials and living things.  

The Arhuaco, are also known as "ika" or "iku."  They are an ethnic group descendants of the Tayrona Tribe.  Their language is a chibcha dialect.

  • Hammocks in multiple designs

  • Traditional Design: Single and Double

  • Cruzada Design: Double

  • Hats and Pavas of cañaflecha palm fibers

  • Bags and baskets made of cañaflecha fiber


The Sinú People are known as:

“Lords of the Valley of the Sun”


  • Traditional Paisa Carriel from Jericó, Antioquia for Men and Woman

  • Aguadeno Hats from Aguadas, Caldas

  • Flasks made of cowhide to carry drinks

“This Carriel of otter with secret pockets, keeps an antique photo, two dice, a withered flower, and a rustic lighter to light the cigars, and warm the nostalgia”

— Jorge Robledo Ortiz

— Name, Title



  • Hand painted glass decorations

    • Animals

    • People

    • Bottles

  • Hanging glass wind-shines

The works of Terrazul Glass bring to live human, animal, and abstract figures to decorate your lifestyle​

"the works of vitrofusion are enhanced by the

hand-painted effort of its artisans”

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