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GUARDA HORIZONTAL - Blanco y negro - Pos

Colombian Wayuu Bags & Other Crafts


The Wayuu: "The people of

the sun, the sand, and the wind."

This indigenous community reside in La Guajira desert. It is the largest ethnic group in Colombia with over 450,000 individuals, of which a third reside on the Venezuelan side. 


Zenú: "The people of the Word."


The Zenú, or Sinú is a community is located in the valleys between the Sinú and Cauca rivers in Colombia.  Its settlements span in territories of the Departments of Cordoba, Sucre, and Antioquia.  There are over 230,000 individuals that belong to this community.


The Arhuaco are descendants of the ancient Tayrona culture.  They are settled in the in northern parts of Colombia, in one of the world's highest elevation coastal ranges in the world, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  They believe their Sierra Nevada is the heart of the world, and that the planet’s well being depends on it.


Paisa is someone from the northwestern Andean region of Colombia including the Departments of Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío.  The main cities are the Department capitals of Medellín, Manizales, Armenia and Pereira. 

The Paisas originated from Spanish immigrants that came from Extremadura, Andalucía, and the Basque Country among others.




Terrazul Glass artists molds, hand paints and fuses decorative products through the vitrofusion technique.  These art pieces are made by designers in Envigado, Antioquia within the Medellín metropolitan area.