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Colombian Wayuu Bags & Other Crafts

Wholesale to the World

How to Buy Wholesale?

How to Order Wholesale?


The origin:  Ensure that you are getting an original Export Quality Product.  Not all Wayuu Bags are of the same quality.  Even if bought directly from Colombia, it does not mean it is of Export Quality.


The Supplier: Buy from Colombians so that you get support and service with local experience.  Confirm that your supplier is incorporated and not a "garage" set up.


The Source: Colombian crafts are made by thousands of local families.  Be sure to secure a supplier that consolidates, communicate in English, is responsive, and delivers.


Supply Chain:  Ensure that your Supplier is experienced in Supply Chain Management.  Having a good product is not enough if they cannot deliver in a cost-effective manner.


The Order: Select your product mix based on the designs of each reference. This means selecting: Size of the body; Type of Strap; Cord, and Accessories. With the selection of References, you can identify the quantity and the designs available on-line.


The Delivery: We can deliver from our Malaysia inventory which can be viewed on the Shop section of this website. We can also deliver directly from Colombia.  The incoterm applied in all cases is EXW or "ExWorks." With our advice, the Buyer selects the Shipping company, pays for the freight, and the transfer of ownership of the goods takes place at the point where the goods are taken by the carrier.

For deliveries directly from Colombia see more applicable details at our "Wholesale to the World" page.


Wholesale Pricing: The Wholesale pricing is as follows:

Direct Shipment from Colombia:

  • Only available for orders >50 units

  • Pricing to be confirmed once you select the bags 

The pricing only applies on single order quantities

Selecting the Body
Ref. 010-C-1d.jpeg

When you select a Reference, you start with the body:

  • Small, Medium, or Large

  • Long as a Yoga Bags

  • Wide as a Beach and Tote

  • Basket? with Wayuu weave

  • Backpack with cover

  • Wayuu Bag with cover

  • Clutch

  • Drum

Other cultures?

  • Arhuaco Bags

  • Sinu Bags

Selecting the Strap
Ref. 010-C-1b.jpeg

What strap type?  There are multiple options for strap types and combinations:

  • Tradicional

  • Paleteada

  • Macrame

  • Twist

  • Braided

  • Designed

Strap size and quantity:

  • One long strap

  • Two short straps

  • Both of the above?

Selecting the Accessories
Ref. 010-C-3c.jpeg

Accessories dress the bag and there are multiple options:

  • Pompons on the cord ends

  • Pompons on the body

  • Tassels on the cord ends

  • Tassels on the body

  • Weaved tassel heads

  • Cord types

    • Weaved or Rolled​

    • Double cord

  • Strap as accessory

  • Embroidery and synthetic pearls

Selecting the Designs & Placing the Order
Ref. 010-C-1e.jpeg

The designs are unique and endless as these crafts are hand-made.  Once you have identified the References that you want to order, it is time to select the designs:

  • Select the SKU's that you want to order from our website.

  • Send us a Purchase Order listing the SKU's.

  • We will remove them from the website and issue an invoice.

  • Send us the payment slip, and we will ship out.

Selecting from Colombian Inventory

Select from the inventory available in Colombia for Immediate delivery.  

  • You may check on the link below to see the items available from the Colombian stock.

  • Note that this stock is dynamic and there is a chance that an item may no longer be available.

  • For an up to date availability, contact us. 

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